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Does Your Commercial Roof Need Repair or Replacement?

The roof is a vital part of any commercial facility, yet many go un-inspected for years, or until a serious problem presents itself. The roof is what stands between your business and the elements, so a faulty roof can mean tens of thousands of dollars in damage and lost production; it is vital that it be maintained properly and regularly. Here are some helpful tips and options when evaluating your company’s roofing needs.

What is the condition of the roof?

The first question to ask yourself is “what condition is my roof in?”If your roof has been properly maintained by roofing professionals over the years, it may just need some simple repairs and preventative attention. However, if your roof has been neglected, it may need more extensive work. If it has suffered lengthy neglect and severe damage, it’s may be time for a full replacement. A professional commercial roofing contractor can give your roof a full evaluation to help you know where you stand.


If a full roof replacement is outside of your budget, perhaps a roof "restoration" would be a more economical solution. A liquid applied roof membrane, more commonly known as a roof "coating", acts as a protective layer over the existing system along with any necessary repairs and is the final element of the roof restoration process. Roof coatings come in several different types, the two most common being “acrylic” (elastomeric) and “silicone”, and can be applied at various thickness levels over most existing roofing systems. Roof coatings can be a good option in situations where the existing roof system needs moderate repairs and where the cost to replace the entire roof is prohibitive. Coatings are typically applied with a standard paint roller; or for larger jobs, a sprayer similar to what painters use. Roof coatings protect the existing roof system and repairs from the deleterious effects of UV rays and weather and can add up to 10 years or more to the life of your roof.

Patch Repairs?

Another option in cases of minor roof damage is to simply make targeted repairs to only the damaged portions of the roof. If there’s no room in the budget for a roof replacement or restoration, smaller repairs can be made to buy some time. Most professional roofers will use a “3-course” process by imbedding a reinforcing fabric or mesh into a sealant or mastic at sensitive repair areas along with a protective roof coating over the repairs, which will significantly increase their functional life. The down-side to random patch repairs is that it is very difficult to find every tiny weakness and water will eventually find another weak spot, so your roofer may end up chasing leaks from one end of your roof to the other, which can become very costly.


If your roof has been damaged more severely and you have room in the budget, then a full roof replacement is probably the best option. Signs such as mold, severe cracking, holes, dry-rot, relentless leaking and wet insulation, are indications that your roof needs to be replaced. Replacement may seem daunting and expensive but usually offers the best Return On Investment (ROI) for your company and is likely the best long-term option for the integrity of your business or operation.

Don’t Use A “Band Aid” Solution

Many companies want to save money when it comes to building repairs, so rather than paying to have a licensed roofing contractor to repair or replace their roof, they often opt for a “band aid” solution, such as an amateur-application of black plastic cement, wet-patch or the like, which are readily available at the local hardware store. This may save money in the short term, but could cost thousands of dollars down the road when a professional roofer must remove the deteriorated material to make a proper repair. It’s makes much more financial sense to have the repairs done professionally the first time, with materials and applications designed to stand the test of time.


To insure the continued integrity and performance of your commercial roof, it’s vitally important that your roof be evaluated at least twice a year by a licensed roofing professional. Roof problems often reveal themselves after the changing of seasons, and regular inspections and basic maintenance can stop small problems before they become severe.

Whether your roof needs minor repairs, a restoration or a full replacement, Pro Roof, Inc. is your local commercial roofing contractor, and is equipped to provide tailored roofing solutions for your commercial building or industrial facility. Visit www.proroof.com, or call (855) 762-7663 to get a free roof evaluation.

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