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4 reasons to hire a licensed commercial roofing contractor.

In the construction world, there are thousands of un-licensed “contractors” willing to do construction work at a steep discount. It can be tempting to save a few bucks by hiring someone without a license to do the job. “It’s just a bureaucratic technicality” you tell yourself. However, you open yourself and your business up to serious risk should you decide to hire an unlicensed contractor. Here are 4 reasons why it’s important to only hire licensed contractors for your roofing needs.

1. The State has Rigid Guidelines

In the State of California, commercial roofers are required to obtain a C39 roofing license in order to work legally. To obtain this license, contractors must prove they have worked in the industry for at least 4 years, and are required to take an exam to prove their knowledge of roofing. Licensees are educated in modern roofing techniques, laws, and industry practices. While an unlicensed roofer may have some experience, their knowledge is most likely outdated, and they may be unaware of industry advancements.

2. Licensed roofers are less likely to take advantage of you.

There are countless horror-stories about unlicensed “handymen” taking money for work in advance, and unceremoniously disappearing without completing the job. This can leave many smaller businesses financially crippled, with little recourse. When you hire a licensed roofer, this scenario is much less likely, because by law, contractors can only require a customer to pay up to 10% of the total cost or up to $1,000 to start a job. There is a much lower risk of scams when working with a licensed roofing contractor.

3. Licensed roofers have insurance.

The state requires all roofing contractors to carry liability insurance for the jobs they do. This protects you from liabilities such as damage to the building, or on-the-job injuries. Licensed contractors must also carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance, which provides medical care for injured workers. If a worker employed by an unlicensed contractor injures himself on your property, or causes damage to your facility, it may be you who’s left footing the bill. With a licensed roofer on the job, you can rest easy knowing you are protected.

4. Licensed roofers use a contract

Lastly, you would be wise to hire a licensed commercial roofing contractor because they will provide a binding contract before any work commences. A contract is vital, and will ensure the job is completed to agreed-upon specifications, and protects both parties. Having work done without a contract leaves you vulnerable to scams and without any recourse if the job is done poorly.

Hiring an unlicensed individual to work on your commercial roof may save you money in the short term, but the potential for scams, lawsuits, poor workmanship, and property damage could mean the loss of tens of thousands of dollars down the road. When you hire a reputable licensed commercial roofing contractor, you can be sure that the work will be completed correctly, safely, and you will be protected if anything goes wrong.

Pro Roof, Incorporated is proudly licensed by the State Of California and is ready to tailor a solution to meet any of your commercial roofing needs.

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