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The elements can wreak havoc on your roof. Extend your roofing system’s lifespan through regular inspection and routine maintenance. We'll keep your commercial roofing system healthy and eliminate your worry.  And when the time comes, we can provide a new, expertly installed, state-of-the-art roofing system that will suit your specific time and budgetary needs and provide years of worry free protection from the elements. At Pro Roof, Inc., it’s about more than roofing services—it’s about solutions. We take a personal approach, we are budget-friendly, and our roofing systems stand the test of time. Let us tailor a solution to resolve your commercial or industrial roofing needs. Protect your roof today.


Small leaks can turn into big problems if not corrected in a timely manner. At Pro Roof, Inc. we are experts in detecting material failures and recognizing potential problem areas. By correcting small problems today we can extend the functional life of your roof system and spare you the expense and headache of a major roof failure in the future.

We are experts at repairing and restoring all types of roof systems: Metal, Single-Ply, Foam, Coatings, Modified Bitumen, Torch Down, Built-Up, Tile, Comp, etc.

After our initial thorough investigation of the problem area(s) we will provide you with an assessment report (including photos) with recommended corrective measures and a competitive cost estimate.


After the repair is complete we will provide a detailed service report including "after" photos of the repaired area(s). Safe-guard your business and protect your investment today!


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Every roof system will eventually fail, it is only a matter of time. Whether as a result of weathering, initial workmanship, or new equipment installation, eventually you will need a new roof system. In order to satisfy your specific needs, we will perform a diligent inspection and present you with several replacement options.


Our team will work closely with you to ensure these solutions meet your budget, mitigate disruptions to your daily operations, comply with commercial building codes, and satisfy your long-term investment needs.

Our highly skilled team of expert installers will provide a new, state-of-the-art roofing system in a timely manner with minimal disruption to your operation. At Pro Roof, Inc. we are experts at installing all popular low- slope and steep-slope roofing products. 


We are confident that your new roof will meet or exceed your expectations and will provide you with years of worry-free protection from whatever mother nature dishes out.


At Pro Roof, Inc, we are happy to provide our Pro Maintenance Service Program, which provides regular maintenance services for our customers. The best way to protect your facility from a catastrophic roof failure is regular preventative maintenance. We provide the following services as part of a regular maintenance service agreement:

  • Complete assessment of roof.

  • Inspect and clean all drains of debris.

  • Inspect all flashings

  • Inspect all seams and expansion joints.

  • Re-secure loose sheet metal roof flashings and reseal cracked or missing caulk joints.

  • Advise the client of any needed repairs outside of this agreement.

  • Copy of  Field Report with photographs.

To prevent small issues from turning into major problems it is advisable to have your roof professionally inspected at least once per year. With our Pro Maintenance Service Program, we've got you covered!

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Pro Roof, Inc. is a full-service re-roofing and maintenance company that specializes in commercial roofing solutions in Central California. Our services include low slope, steep slope, maintenance, repairs and coatings.