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At Pro Roof, Inc. our priority is applying the right, long-term solution not just the cheapest solution. We pride ourselves on installing only the highest quality roofing materials available from the most respected manufacturers in the industry. We are certified with top manufacturers and can provide a full manufacturer's warranty on all of our installations. Our experienced and highly-skilled installers are some of the best in the industry. See below for three of our most popular low-slope products.


Single-ply roofing systems are our most popular solution for most low-slope and flat roof applications. Single-ply provides outstanding weathering performance while also providing a clean, white reflective surface to promote energy efficiency. Single-ply membranes are classified as a “cool roof” material and have a reflectivity rating of 80% or greater.


When paired with rigid board insulation (Poly-Iso - installed beneath the membrane), the energy savings can be even more substantial. Poly-Iso has the highest per-inch R-value of any insulation available on the market today.

Another benefit of a Single-ply system  is its "clean and safe" installation process. Single-ply products are not asphalt based, therefore, there's no oily mess, no smoke, no fire and no odor.

A single-ply system can be installed either as a new roof system or easily retrofitted over many types of existing low-slope materials (metal, built-Up, composition, etc.). No costly and messy tear-off necessary.

Pro Roof, Inc. installs the two most popular Single-Ply membranes: TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Both offer outstanding performance and longevity, with each type recommended for different facility applications. 

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Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen is an asphalt based membrane roofing system that is modified by one of two synthetic additives: APP (Atactic Polypropylene) or SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene), which add strength, durability and flexibility to the product.

APP lends strength while remaining flexible, even during the coldest winters. It can be either torch applied or applied with cold adhesives. APP modified bitumen is typically heat-welded, adhering to the substrate and sealing itself, resulting in a plastic-like, high-performance membrane. It resists cracking, blistering, oxidation and damage from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

SBS is applied using either hot asphalt, self-adhered sheets or cold adhesive and cures to a rubber-like membrane. Some SBS modified bitumen roofing systems start with a base that must be nailed down before being covered with self-adhering membranes, mid-plys and cap sheets. Unlike APP, SBS modified bitumen roofing requires the application of a coating that protects against UV rays.

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The three most common types of roof coatings are acrylic, polyurethane and silicone; each type offering its own set of benefits depending on the application. Roof coatings are designed to protect and extend the useful service life of roof assemblies such as: built-up roofs (BUR), metal, modified bitumen, single-ply membranes, and spray foam.

Roof coatings are thicker than paint and have a higher solids content. They are formulated to protect roofs from the damaging effects of weather and the environment, such as UV light, and excessive water and wind.

The resins found in roof coatings allow the coating to maintain its elastic properties throughout its life cycle. Once cured, these resins form an elastomeric and durable film, which provides an additional measure of waterproofing and allows the roof coating to bridge the small cracks and membrane seams found on roofs.

Coatings are ideal for protecting recent repair work and are an integral part of the process of restoring an aging roof system in order to add additional years to its life cycle.

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